NDI output set on 1080i50 returns p50

Hello here the snippet of the server config:
Any Idea or solution? Thanks!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <predefined-clients />

Your current NDI config is set as progressive. Try changing the allow-fields value to true.

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Your problem is that 1080i50 is not a valid frame rate you need to use 59.98/59.97 for interlaced 1080p50 is a PAL formate not interlaced

That is wrong. It is a valid frame rate in Europe (PAL Countries). 59.97 is an NTSC frame rate used in the US.

Correct 50p not 50i. 50i would be interlaced not pal and 50i isn’t an accepted interlaced frame rate. Unless CCG is doing something different

What are you talking about? 50 frames interlaced i.e. 50i is what we use since ancient times here in Europe. It has been the frame rate of good old analog PAL standard and is the most used frame rate for HD (1920x1080) here in TV broadcasting. The difference between interlaced and progresssiv (i vs p) is, that interlace skips every second scan line in the first field (half of the picture) and sends the other lines in the second field, while progressive just sends one line after the other.


I didn’t realize pal was interlaced, in North America you would not have a 50i as a valid interlaced frame rate. Wouldn’t it still be 49.98?

Thank you! I did not check it yet since it was only for a preview and we used 720 for that but tomorrow I will check it and let you
(OBS someone else set it as solved so I hope is that!

The solution was to set true
Thanks alot @andyw !!!

I’m pleased to hear you have fixed yor NDI issue.

I have spotted a minor issue on anoyther line in the config file. In the paths section you have an entry for templates showing as:


The path should end with a slash (as the others correctly do). The backslash character (\) is used as an escape marker in XML, so your path should be one of:


Thanks Andy,
I actually use a watchdog to generate the file, it is produce by that. I will make a note to the contributor of this forum that made it!
Thanks again!