NDI on Linux?



Hi there folks,

I was searching again about NDI senders on Linux and saw this page where a person sends NDI as OBS output. This raised the hope to have NDI consumer as Output on my Linux server with Caspar 2.2+. What do you say about this possibility?



AFAIK there is no official NDI support from NewTek. If there is something in Linux than it is reverse engineered.


There is on github a NDI encoder that works on Ubuntu. Just to clarify for me a NDI sender convertes SDI to NDI.
I installed it in may and it worked great. Had in august a need to install it on another machnie but was not able (or had the time) to get it working on that machine.


CasparCG 2.3 (dev builds) support ndi on both windows and linux


Great news!
Where to find it to start testing?


http://casparcg.com/builds/CasparCG%20Server/master/ for windows builds.

For linux builds there’s no downloads. You have to download the github repository (https://github.com/casparcg/server) and follow the building instructions using Docker.


Sorry for the question if seems stupid, but are the 2.3 (dev) builds on Master? Are you sure?

I was hoping to find a branch called 2.3 as we find 2.2.x and other versions.