NDI - MTX with Ember support

This is a NDI - MTX for integrating NDI with VSM. E.G for CasparCG to be integrated in larger NDI environments.
Sources and Targets are static set up in .json files, as this is for use in corporate nedworks with static IP. But it will be fairly easy to add mDns for locating NDI sources later on.

Please let me know if this is too much of topic.


Here´s a short status update:
The MTX runs stable and works well on Macs and on Birddogs.
The Docker build is working, but i fight with the Avahi (it needs access to the host machine for mDNS publish)
There are still receive problems on windows. So using CasparCG as a source in the MTX works fine.
Hopefully I have solved these things sooner than later :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! This looks very interesting

Windows is now supported, and works well as an NDI MTX in front of vMix.

Readme is updated with build instructions for Ubuntu.

Next up: REST API and pr Target Web Client

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REST API added.

POST http://localhost:3008/setmatrix?source=8&target=3

Added Client Panel View: