NDI | HX as consumer?

Dear friends,

Is it possible to have an NDI|HX as consumer on casparcg? I’m able to setup the NDI consumer on Caspar perfectly and open it on NDI monitor, but I want to send the images to a machine that only receives NDI|HX .


You need a producer (output stage) to be able to send anything. Is NDI HX not backward compatible?

Thanks Didi. You’re always helping us!

I’m producing html lowerthirds. Sorry for the non complete question.

As far as I know, HX receiver do not decode the full NDI.

My final goal is to receive those lower thirds on the Osee Gostream NDI|HX channel as NDI transport the alpha transparencies. I still don’t know if will be possible or not.

The Workaround could be to install on CasparCG server NDI Tools, open NDI Bridge and in encoder settings transcode to NDI HX.

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It looks like the easy to access NDI SDK doesnt support sending NDI-HX.
For that you need the ‘advanced’ SDK which has to be requested from the NDI sales team. I haven’t checked, but I expect this means it will not be possible to use in something opensource

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Hi there,

I asked Newtek for the advanced SDK and received today. The SDK license agreement I received is on the following link. I don’y have the original licensed agreement used by casparcg to have NDI so I can’t compare.

I can share the links I received from Newtek so someone with more skills than I can properly use the SDK.

The restriction newtek impose with this demo licensing is the stream only works for 30 minutes.

I am interested in seeing it, but I’m not sure it will be possible to use.

Skimming that license agreement it says:

“Confidential Information” includes the SDK and all specifications, source code, example code, tools and
documentation provided within the SDK

Meaning that we can’t distribute any of the sourcecode included in the SDK. (Unless the actual code files included in the SDK state a different license at the top of them)
This means that if that non-free code is used to compile CasparCG, then the resulting binary will violate GPL and will be undistributable. In order to comply with the GPL we need to distribute all the sourcecode to anyone who requests it, but if doing so will violate the NDI agreement, then we can’t.

For the current implementation with the ‘basic’ SDK, the source files we use from the SDK are MIT licensed server/src/modules/newtek/interop/Processing.NDI.Send.h at master · CasparCG/server · GitHub meaning we can include them in the GPL licensed CasparCG. But what we can’t do is distribute the library files needed to actually use NDI. I’m not sure if that part would violate the NDI license agreement, but it would violate GPL to distribute non-free code which would be automatically loaded.

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You’re great. Thanks for all the info!
I’m not a specialist or a coder. I know nothing about licensing.

Just for your info, I asked for the SDK, answered somequestions about the project and they sent the links to the SDKs.

Well, I tried. Again, thanks for all the amazing work you and the CasparCG community does.