NDI configuration on caspar


I would like to use NDI as an output on my caspar.
Is there any good tutorial?


This is a configuration option found in the casparcg.config file, the syntax is documented here: https://github.com/CasparCG/server/blob/master/src/shell/casparcg.config#L106

just keep in mind that you’ve got to use a recent casparcg version.
I’d recommend going for 2.3.0 LTS RC - https://github.com/CasparCG/server/releases/tag/v2.3.0-lts-rc

Ok but all the tutorials with NDI require additionall installs of frontend and ndi tools and so on.

I found some more info here.

I am not much of a production expert :slight_smile: my job was to develop html templates and scripts and the software to call them. If I would be able to configure ndi output, how the production is able to get the signal? Connecting to caspar IP?

“play 1-0 amb loop” (plays the file amb.mp4 in loop)
“play 1-1 [HTML] templatepath” (plays html templates)
“add 1 ndi name xyz” (Creates ndi signal with name xyz that carries channel 1 of CCG )

Hope you have done similar to above .

This NDI source xyz can be viewed from OBS / vMix /Tricaster in NDI sources list / network video list, with CCG PC Name and channel xyz.

To play back NDI created from same or other softwares :

“ndi list” ( Lists all ndi sources available in the network with PC_name and Channel_name, that were created using OBS/VMix/CCG/newtek etc)

“play 2-0 ndi://PC_Name/xyz” ( To play ndi created from ‘PC_Name’ with channel ‘xyz’ ).


I have found it depends on what version of Caspar server you are using.
If you use casparcg server 2.3, get the airsender dll and add a few lines to your server code, you can be up and running very quickly with NDI.

In a thread I got answered the other day, I was provided a link to the latest dll files, and the code to add to the server config, it may help out.


I managed to get ndi working.
I have a question, does ndi carries fill and key and if yes, is there some special config?
I am using html templates for graphics.

Yes ndi carries fill and key. There is no special config. And FILL Key work with html templates as well. Keep html templates body background-color transparent.

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A few important tips.

  1. I am using ndi in a lot of pcs, and i found very useful the [ndi list] command in the command window. Ndi list returns all the pc [names] (that you can see from that server), and [ndi name], [ip address], and also [port in use] !! And the nice thing is that you can see the signal that the server receives or transmit.
  2. Ndi 1080p25 means approximately 130 mbits/s. If you are planning to send (or receive) 3 or 4 signals, think about the cable (cat 6 or more) and the connectors !!
  3. There are an important label in the NDI section of the Caspar config file.
    allow-fields - [true|false] It changes the interlaced / progressive mode of the ndi channel.
    Good luck.
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Thanks for the info. Very useful.

Do you know any way of setting the “allow fields - true” mode with AMCP?

I have been trying to find some documentation about it but I can’t find anything.

I just need the NDI to be interlaced without touching the config file.


Try this

add 1 ndi name ch1 allow_fields
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