NDI 5 tools

Has anyone played around with ndi 5 with caspar yet? Does it work OK? Yet to try it just wondering if anyone has and run into any problems

Yes, I got ndi test pattern output to casparcg 2.3 and casparcg ndi ouput to NDI monitor.

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I think the interesting thing would be to test CasparCG NDI OUT → NDI Bridge → Internet → NDI Bridge → Tricaster/vMix/Vectar/etc. Most curious if/how alpha works.
Havent yet tested that (trying to keep my vacation a “workfree zone”) but I will be back at work next week so then I will start to test.
I can post our results in to this topic so that it keeps in one place.

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Bridge is not out yet.

has anyone tested this vmix solution for upgrading NDI4 to NDI5?

Bridge right now just transcodes all NDI feeds to NDI HX, you then have to use access manager to expose it to any other network. I’ve used it together with a wireguard VPN and it worked well but definitely a very manual process of setting it up right now. Haven’t tried it with Alpha yet

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I can now confirm bridge will respect the Alpha channel


Hiw do you do to get ndi out from casparcg.? Nice if anyone Will share config.

This is a channel with a Decklink and an NDI out:


If you don’t need the Decklink, just delete it. For the NDI <name> you can name it as you like. This will be displayed, when you select the NDI source in the other application.

Her is my config file:

1080p2500 CasparCG_1

Get error: Invalid consumer: ndi

Which version of CasparCG server are you running? The built-in NDI support started with version 2.3.0

It is possible to add NDI output via iVGA to some previous versions. See the wiki, for example https://github.com/CasparCG/help/wiki/Server%3A-Configuration and several posts in this forum such as https://casparcgforum.org/t/how-to-setup-caspar-config-to-utilize-video-input/3473/2