Muxing of Audio Channels


I need to mux 2 channels of audio into my main output as channel 3 & 4, i was hoping to achieve this via CasparCG, i have Decklink Extreme 4k card. Is there any possibility that i

  • can have my 2 channels via soundcard input and have it mapped to the channel 3 & 4 of the embedded SDI outpurt?


  • can have input 1 and input 2 and i mux the 2 channels of input 2 to the channel 3 & 4 of decklink consumer? ofcourse i will have decklink quad for multiple inputs?


Once the audio is in CasparCG you can definitely map the channels using mix-configs.

Getting a regular sound card into CasparCG as an input is not really supported. It might work as a dshow device.