Multiple pages

I would like to ask if somebody can provide me an example of multiple pages template, for example a start list of an event where I have to show mutiple pages with a transition between them.

Many thanks ¡¡¡¡¡

I have many of them, but can not give them out because of client copyright restrictions. What do you not understand / is the problem?


I am now learning Google Web Designer. I thought it will be a good practice for html template.
Please check this template to show multiple pages with a transition between them

That looks really good and helpful, thank you very much. But Im searching for a pagination example with animate or AS.

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As I already said, what is the problem? What exactly do you want to do? Do you have a picture or something, that you can show, how it should look?

Im not famiiiar with AS so I would like to have a code example of how to display multiple pages, for example a leaderboard with 8 lines per page and with data to fill 3 pages.
I usually use flash but I can not find the way to do it neither in flash, so would be great to have an example in flash or AS

Many thanks

You don’t really need an example for a basic Flash template with pagination.
Set up your main timeline with your animated elements:

  1. Do your intro animation from frame 1, when it ends, place a stop(); function at that frame.
  2. After that, animate the changes to additional pages and place stop(); functions at the end of each one.
  3. Set the last page’s label as “outro”

That’s it.

From the wiki:

This method will be called from the TemplateHost when a Next command is sent from CasparCG. It is used to step forward in the template. By default this method will make the template continue from the current frame. The command will be ignored if the current frame label is “outro”, then Stop() must be called.

Thank you very much, I will do like this.

Hi man I continue our private on the public since could be an hint for others.
yes I managed to load the data for all the pages and make it work, with a little turn around.

Regarding animations it works with no problems as @rrebuffo said. I do not “update” the text at the moment but I load all of it in one shot.
This means that If I have 10 pages I will load them all together at the loading of the first one with the text.

Example: you have 3 fields a0 to a10 b0 to b10 and c0to c10 for the first page.
Instead to send this only you extendend it to a100 b100 and c100.
the data will remain stored and appear as soon the text instance with same name will appear with the next function.

Can you send me yje code to fill the .as files?
Thank you

Hi and sorry for the late reply.
I am not using any code in action script, just stop(); at the end of each animation of each page.