Multiline text Html / bodymovin /after effect


I am having a problem for a multiline text box.
All the letters end up on top of each other (they wrap all in the first position of the text instance)

What I am doing is the following.
Create a multiline textbox in AE (dragging and drop about the wanted size).
Then export it in json (with all the rest of the template) and fill in it up as usually do.

I am using body movin 5.7.5
Is it ever happen to some of you?

Thank you in advance


Hi Federico
For me it works with a multiline box (bodymovin 5.7.8) - text fills out the textbox, change line when it hits the width of textbox. Fonts are not embeded as glyphs, but linked in export.
I made a small simple test json you can try, made of 2 layers in AE - text layer named .f0 and a red shape box, sized as the textbox - no animation. You can get the json file here and its linked with this font
hope it helps.

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Hello and Thank you for your quick reply.
I will check it out better. I tried with a quick run but looked did not work.
Probably something in my copy&paste index file.
So I will check better again. Thanks for the files.

The text in the multi line field MUST not have line breaks, other-ways After Effects makes a multiple texts out of it.

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