Multi Track Audio

We have been using Studio One to record 32 tracks of audio from our Soundcraft Expression 3 audio board. We just upgraded the computer, and the Presonus board Studio One was sold a while back, so that isn’t a desirable option anymore. How hard would it be to set up Caspar to record those 32 tracks? Is this even something that is doable with casparCG currently?


I cannot think of a way to record more than 16 audiotracks into caspar. (per channel)
As far as I know you can only capture audio (and video) by using Blackmagic or Bluefish PCIe Cards. In most cases you would need to use embedded audio. Bluefish cards do have an AES option but the maximum would be 4 AES inputs, which gives you 8 tracks of audio.
As you are only talking about audio I would go with a dedicated software for audio recording as this will give you more options in terms of sync, waveform etc.

Caspar is a open source software for video titling, as audacity is for audio recording/editing. Caspar is not designed as audio recorder/editor.
As i understand, your mixer does not have a digital interface anymore?
Soundcraft offers a not so expensive digital interface, Soundcraft Multi Digital Card for Si Series Mixers, is around 400$. It offers 32 IN/Out via USB or Firewire. Then you can choose from many open source audio recording softwares.

I have the USB interface for the sound board. It is the install media/license for the studio one software that I don’t have any more. I know casparcg isn’t normally for this, but it would be really nice if I could have the recording all triggered from the same program. Ingesting the audio for mixing and use with the video in casparcg. I am trying to avoid having to start 8 different recordings manually at the start of each program. The video recordings are easy to set up to automate, but the audio multi track is what I am trying to figure out now.

Caspar is not the right tool for this.
If you have the USB Connection I would use Reaper for this.
You can try it for free for 60 days, afterwords you can buy an license for $60

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Even if it were possible to use a usb interface for audio input (there is a feature request for that, so that part could happen sometime) the internal audio pipeline is limited to 16 channels (per video channel) this is a limitation of ffmpeg, so is unlikely to change as it would require a rewrite of a majority of the audio pipeline.