Multi-channel audio playback issue (multiple streams)

We’ve been using CasparCG 2.0.7 with bluefish cards, to successfully replay MP4 files with one stereo audio stream, and a video stream. We now have another workflow to replay files converted from our GV LiveTouch video server. This outputs files in a number of formats - but all appear to have multiple audio streams - one stream per audio channel in the source clip. CasparCG only appears to replay the first of these streams. I have read that Caspar used FFMPEG and this by default will play the first audio stream. Is there some way I can configure CasparCG to replay all streams (mono’d)? Thanks.

Two short test clips here. They have tone on only one of the four tracks. CasparCG plays only tone from the 2nd clip from the Bluefish video card. (clips only available for 7 days from 15-8-2019):

I think this handling might have changed in 2.2 - try a nigthly build of 2.3

Changing the audio channel layout and remuxing in ffmpeg is also an option and should be rather quick (taking seconds).

Thanks for the reply.

I see that the stable version is 2.2.0 but the wiki says that bluefish cards (which we use) are not supported in 2.2 but are in 2.3.

Is there no way of getting the audio mapping to work with multiple mono tracks? There is lots of hopeful XML in the original config file, but I cant get any of this to work. On the wiki there is a link to example config files - but the link is unfortunately not working.

Just go and use the latest nightly, the concept of ‘stable’ is rather arbitrary.

There is no longer any audio mapping in CCG (and it only worked for channels within a track, not between tracks), it always outputs the first 8 channels.

Or you can transmux all the files before using them in CCG, it literally takes seconds to process.

OK many thanks, I will try it once I have the bluefish part working.

Bluefish card for output is supported from very beginning. Only input is new thing in server 2.3.

In server 2.3 all audio are played by default whether it is 8 audio in single stream or 8 audio in 8 different stream.

I have updated the wiki link.


All working OK in 2.3.0 so we are going to use that. Thanks for the help!