Moving Video In like DVE possible

Hi Guys,

just a simple Question. We would like to use a Decklink 4k pro with INPUT and OUTPUT at the same time.Half of the time we would simply overlay the input with some graphic-templates and the rest of the time we would like to scale down the INPUT-Signal to 80% and overlay the rest of the screen with an L-Frame. In that case we would be able to show up lots of informations but keep all video-content visible, even if it is a bit smaller than in Full Screen.

Would that be possible?

If yes -> How could we achieve this?

Thanks and Cheers

I am not 100% sure, that you can use the 4K Pro as input and output at the same time. You need to check that. To be able to scale the video a internal keyer will not do.

If that works, you play the input video on a layer in Caspar and put the templates on top. For the pushback effect you use the MIXER FILL command (see the link posted above). To make that look good, I would play the informations in the ā€žLā€œ on a layer bellow the video.

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