Motherboard with x16, x8 and x4

Hi guys,

i am searching for a suitable intel motherboard/mainboard for our new caspar server.
I need PCI Slots for graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 or Quadro P2000) (x16), Decklink 4k (x8) and Decklink Duo (x4).

My problem is now, i can only find motherboards with shared PCI lanes. So if i use more than 1 PCI Slot, the x16 slot will only be a x8 slot.

Can you recommend me a suitable board?

Thank you and best regards!

The gaming/consumer grade cpus have at most 16+4 pcie lanes, which isnt enough for the kind of board you are wanting.
You will need to go for an extreme series motherboard and cpu. I believe current generations of that have minimum of 48 lanes (I dont think they go as low as 28 anymore), which will easily be available in the layout you want