MOS Intergration with CasparCG Server

Hi folks,

It will be exciting if there is a way to use CasparCG with MOS protocol. Does anyone know if there is any client software which is using MOS integrated with CasparCG?

There are several. First there is Sophie, but I am not sure, if they really support MOS.

Then there are a few payed solutions like Aveco Astra or SGT.

Is it in an automated or manual workflow and which NRCS do you use? - We use Aveco Astra for automation, but for manual shows, I have a MOS gateway and a custom client so an operator can run graphics (Astra is doing all the other stuff).

Just for curiosity: What News room control system do you use? Why do you need manual mode?

Our NRCS is Octopus. Manual mode is used for talk shows, debates, game shows, etc., where manual timing of graphics is needed, but automation is still used to control video servers.

I see. A client of mine also uses Octopus and Aveco Astra, but they have something called “QuickCG” for this. I don’t actually know much about this, but maybe that would be useful for you too.

Hi @aollaku our product, Erizos Studio, shows your to control CasparCg, and to create rundowns from any NRCS, more info at

I`ve Dina and iNews as NRCS. I want a client to get the playlist from these NRCS systems and control the CasparCG video server.