More than one media folder

Can caspar have more than one media folder?
can it also see the sub-folders ot f the media folder?

No and yes. :smiley:

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sub folder is also good for me, how do i do it? because now i can only see files at the root of the shared folders, sub folders are ignored.

It‘s a bit anoying, if you just ask small pieces of the problem. Can you just tell us, what you want to do? Like in 10 sentences instead of one?

related to this question.
can someone please guide me that
How to create a media server failover solution

  • a tool for synchronized primary and backup media server on windows ?
  • can we shift media location on running casparcg with amcp ? if yes ? then a tool to send server status and send backup server location on primary failure?
  • if we can’t change media location on casparcg server with amcp then a controller server which act as a media server and get media files from primary and backup media server with auto shift on failure?

very appreciated if someone can guide me some solution on this

For instance Synkron looks like it does that.

I don’t fully understand what what you mean. What I can say is, that there are no AMCP commands to change server folder paths. But you will not need that, as for fail safe I would use such a sync tool to let all files go to both servers. In case of the first server going down you simply play out with the second one. You need some external hardware to detect the failing of the first server. It needs to analyze the video signal for movement, and after a while with no movement should start the switching to the backup. Such solutions exist, are not part of Caspar and AFAIK it can not be implemented in Caspar. So you would need to use Google to find something.

thank you didikunz, it is very useful

actually i’m planing to store all media files in NAS as primary and clone all data in secondary NAS as backup storage for 24 hour transmission.
now i’m thinking what if primary NAS went down for any reason so how can i automatically switch it to backup NAS in casparcg server for smooth transmission

  • so 1st option i was thinking that ping NAS with some little tool and switch casparcg media path to backup NAS but as you clear it above that it can’t be done with amcp.

  • second option i’m thinking that is there any tool or server which act as a network address or something and redirect traffic to main or backup NAS on availability??

What about synchronizing the files to the two CasparCG servers (local) and if the NAS goes down, the Caspars can play out without Interruption? That would then also be true, if there are some network problems. Caspar would then also run smoother, as files are local and no need to fumble with different configs. This will still be true:

you can also in realtime monitor the casparcg log.
You can then take action when certain errors occur.

yes, we can also do this, but thinking about NAS because then we can control casparcg on network without fetching media list and can play files directly with full path like
play 1-1 x:\media\xyz\abc.mp4 instead of play 1-1 media\xyz\abc
user can browse file easily with openfiledialog

well you are right i’m going to clone nas data on local drive of casparcg

trying to do something similar.

Be aware, that there are a few comands in AMCP were you can query lists from the server. Using this in a client instead of a standard File dialog give you the certainty, that only files residing on Caspar can be used for play out.