More storage space

I currently have a CasparGG server operating 24 hours a day playing content videos for a channel that is 100% automated, but I have come to notice that the space is running out, I have a 1TB SSD, what I would like is to know if it is possible to use 2 hard drives and tell the server that there are two media folders.

For example:

>  <paths>
>  <media-path>media/</media-path>
>  <log-path disable="false">log/</log-path>
>  <data-path>D:/data/</data-path>
>  <data-path>E:/data/</data-path>
>  <template-path>template/</template-path>
>  </paths>

I don’t remember if it is possible, or what alternatives do you use?

In Windows there is a way to combine multiple HDDs or SSDs to one large drive. You should find howto‘s using Google.

Thanks Friend

If you don’t want to format drives, you could make a Junction (just like a symlink) and point the secondary drive to a subfolder on the media folder.

Thats also a good solution, thanks