Monitor for displaying signal from Decklink Duo 2

Hi all,
could someone recommend a proven Full HD monitor for controlling the signal in 1080/50i?
I create some HTML templates for CasparCG and I have tried for instanace Iiyama XU2292HS (connected via BM SDI/HDMI converter) which flicker in horizontal edges.
Has somebody experience with Eizo EV2451 which have this resolution via HDMI in factory specification?
Will be better to use some LCD TV? We have 50Hz standard in our country.
My Price limit is about 500 Euro.

The flickering comes from the fact, that the TV signal is interlaced. So if you have small horizontal lines it will always flicker. So make sure to get rid of the flicker by changing your templates. Otherwise, if you broadcast them, they will flicker on you spectators TV’s.

That is also the reason, why I would recommend buying a broadcast monitor and not use a computer monitor. I have one from Liliput and that is a big help as I can see the templates as they will look when broadcasted.

I have look at Lilliput monotirs, but they are too small for seeing the design details
I prefer monitor 20" or more.
What about this one from Feelworld/Seetec:
Has somebody some experience?

I was talking about this one EDIT: This is the official website. But it is probably a bit too expensive. The one you mentioned locks ok from the specs. But I never heard of that brand.

Seems the Lilliput one is a bit cheaper at AliExpress:

I looked at it a bit more closely: It is made in china, so I would be careful. I have a friend, she always says: “Cheap is expensive” as you later need to buy the good stuff anyway… :smile:

…fairy tale how I saved …:slight_smile:
I know.
Could not be a problem that the monitor is 4K and my signal 1920/1080.? One pixel from source will be displayed in four real dots in the monitor, so there will be a difference betwen my and spectator’s view.

That is right in theory. As I said: I use it myself for client template work and I like the way it shows all details. The second point is also, that I sometimes use it with a multi-viewer (quad) and have 4 HD 1920x1080 displays in full resolution. And that I can use the monitor also to do 4K templates, as soon as the demand comes.

With your budget pretty much all bigger format broadcast monitors are out of range. My advice would be to buy a good LCD monitor (color accurate and all, something like a Dell Precision) and a BMD UpDownCross converter.

Reason I think this is a good solution is that nowadays all TV’s are LCD or OLED and have an internal deinterlacer in order to display the interlaced signal. A monitor does not have this deinterlacer internally so the BMD converter will do that when you convert the signal to 1080p50 and a Dell Precision will be much more precise than a TV in your price range.

I asked my employer and our budget could be even higher…:slight_smile:
All systems in our TV are HD (1080/50i) and 4K is “sound of the distant future”. These monitors are designed only for the development of HTML graphic templates for Caspar, so I can set the Decklink Duo2 card direct to 1080/50p and CasparCg server too. Static pictures looks perfect in normal PC monitor in that case, but CSS animations looks better in the broadcast monitor (1080/50i). As wrote Didi it will be better to see the same signal (1080/50i) as our spectator.