MIXER FILL command

Need this due to the fact that client effect “Transition” doesnt work with custom video mode (resolution)
Can anyone open up the specific of the MIXER FILL-command
MIXER 1-10 FILL 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 1
SO what I have figured out already is
“MIXER 1-10 FILL” is command with channel-layer
“0.1” is position X where 0 is left
“0.2” is position Y where 0 is upper
“0.3” is size X where 1 is 100%
“0.4” is size Y where 1 is 100%
but what is the last number?

That 5th number is optional, and is the duration of a tween from the current fill into the newly specified one. Counted in channel frames

What you also can do is edit the database in the client.
You can easily add a new resolution in there.
With a database editor.

It’s explained in the AMCP wiki here.