Mix//fade out using caspar client

Does anybody know if it is posible to mix out instead of it cutting out using casparcg client with a shortcut

Not really like the play stop / all the other Fbuttons

But there is a fade to black cue in the toolbar on the left.
Or you can make a normal video cue en type empty into the target window.
Or you can make a custom command with “PLAY 1-10 empty mix 25”


My workaround is to play with mix av transparent png

I think you could use “Fade Out” under Tools > Other > Fade Out. Be sure you use same Channel and and Layer for killing the template/video.

Fade Out is just like Mix or Wipe into a solid color with all alpha in. PLAY 1-20 "#00000000" MIX 12 Linear RIGHT\r\n

No need for a transparent png.

You can write EMPTY insted if the color.

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