Memory Leak

Hello everyboby,
I’m writing an HTML template with tumult hype for a news ticker.
When I play it in Caspar 2.3.3 LTS the memory occupation growns very fast (1MB/2sec). This
it doesn’t happen opening the template on Chrome.
html GPU accelerator is turned off.

Any idea why this happens?

link to template

Can anybody try the template?


Hello Andrea,

in my Case server stays at 230MB for Minutes, but it only plays once. Is It right?

There are some functions CasparCG can run for Playout:
function play() {};, function stop() {}; and function update(raw) {};

I usually use function stop() { window.close(); } so that memory gets empty if i stop the template.

Greetings Jason

There are a couple of threads around template close in the Issues for CasparCG server on gitub, including the link here.

I usually include a conditional test in the stop() function that checks if the page is running in a browser or in CasparCG. This supports tidying when in either browser or CasparCG.

stop() {
  // Code here for output animation as required

  // After the animation has ended..
  if (window.caspar) window.remove();  // CasparCG server uses this to remove the content
  else window.close();   // Browser uses this to remove content.

Thanks for the answers guys,
I added the code into stop function but I have not problem when stop the template. It probably will stay onair all time.

On task manager Process tab memory of caspar server stay fixed around 225MB
The backbround process of the template stay around 40MB
But on Detail tab, the value of "Working set memory) of the same process grown fast.
Is it an issue for the stability or i have to ignore this value?


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