html page not loading completely

Hey, i want to use a html page generated from and play it via CasparCG
In the normal Chrome browser or in OBS the html page loads and plays correctly, but on CasparCG the page freezes and does not load.

Here is the URL

Is there a way to get the page to load completely?

i am on

It’s probably that the Chrome/CEF version is ancient in Caspar 2.3.

We (the NRK Sofie project) are working on updating the CEF version to a newer one, there is a nightly (unstable!) build available here that might work for you:

Thanks, i will try that

It actually seems to have been due to the old Chrome version, because the page loads correctly with your version.
Hopefully the CasparCG LTS version will also be quickly updated to the newer Chrome version
Many Thanks to Sweden

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