Mediascanner watchdog is disabled

Hi guys I have a question I hope you can guide me, I’m using casparcg mediascanner but when I start it says that watchdog is disabled, can you explain me how to configure and what is that file that mediascanner mentions?

The watchdog is a feature of media-scanner which from time to time checks that the media-scanning works properly. If, for some reason, the watchdog detects that something is wrong, it restarts the media-scanner process.

You enable it by copying a media file to the path that it asks for I’m the terminal, but tbh most users won’t need to enable this. We used it in the Sofie project before, where it ran on servers 24/7 and we needed some extra reassurance that it didn’t go down unnoticed.

so I copy any media file with the name to the path and that should fix it?