Media with 8 or 16 audio channel

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use casparcg to do some retransmission, but my files have 8 or more audio channels, and it always come with an error when I try to play it. I tried with caspar 2.0.7 and 2.2.0., with mov, ts, and mkv files, with h264, aac and opus. I will grab the log and post here. Can someone help me?

use mxf files or apple prores.
the config file has to be adapted too.
i use the NRK 2.1 Version Server.
NRK 2.1 Server

config example (channels part only):


@peteraellig thanks for the tip. I already has change my server, the only problem that I was having is that my recorded files wont play in caspar… but with your tip I change my recordings to not compress the audio and use pcm raw audios, with that all worked, but the files will be a little large. Thanks again