Media scanner?

what does it do? is it just a tool that collects all the media and builds thumb nails? makes them available for the server and client? is that it.

when i start casparCG does this tool need to be restarted?
i guess i will build a .bat file to start them both.

The media scanner runs in a separate CPU thread in the host, hence minimising potential impacts on CasparCG server outputs (and inputs). The SVT client accesses the media lists and thumbnails via AMCP commands sent to the server.

The scanner also exposes some path endpoints, such as localhost:8000/tls enabling a third party application to create a media browsing interface on a web browser. The list of exposed access paths is available here.

You can restart the server with the scanner still running. Of course if there has been a glitch in tthe server, for example by a hardware issue, it does no harm to restart both. It is also good practice to keep the scanner running if you are adding or removing files in the media and template folders.