Makeshift Scoreboard

Hello All!

This will serve as my first post among the community. I started without the faintest clue what CasparCG was or how to make it work. After last night, my eyes are open.

I am attempting to use CCG with an HTML template to create a rudimentary scoreboard. I know about OCR technology, but I can’t justify purchasing for my use. My plan is to use CasparCG, StreamDeck and the BitFocus Companion app to manage the onscreen scoreboard. Meaning I would like to push a button on the StreamDeck to increase the score.

My question is: Is there any way to make this setup increment based on the score that is already there? Such that if the home team has 1 point, and I push the button on StreamDeck to add 1 point, the on screen scoreboard will reflect 2 points.

The way I understand it, I believe you could mostly get this to work, but the StreamDeck would only overwrite the value CasparCG is sending into the HTML template…

You could make the template understand commands you send by CG INVOKE, so that whenever you send an invoke Like CG 1-10 INVOKE 1 “HomeScoreUp” or the like it advances the score. That involves a bit of scripting, I know. But companion could send these commands very easy.

I am fine doing some scripting. But isn’t the template blank until CG renders it? And then once it is done rendering, wouldn’t it go back to being blank? Or does CG keep the template “alive” so to speak?

I guess my question, and what I’m failing to understand, is how would CG or the template keep track of what the current score value is?

Hi strictly said caspar can store data with


These commands are a bit off a hidden feature within the server.

But most off the people don’t use this and build a application that keep hold off the data and use caspar only to show it. There are several different ways to do this.
i preffer to build a little node.js app with and let the template and the streamdeck communicate with that. This can be fairly easy.

a other less safe way is to just not remove the template but make it invisible.

This guide will get you up and running with CaparCG Commands and HTML templates.
In addition to @codyroche response, you can follow this reply for a pretty in depth nodejs server.