M$ bought Github


Microsoft bought Github, a lot of repos are moving to Gitlab. So, what about Caspar?



It does not look like that changes much, Microsoft is not the same company it was under Steve Balmer. They became very strong in open source in the last few years. So I would not panic because of that.


CasparCG is an open source repository with an open source license. I don’t see how a change of ownership in GitHub can be any threat to that. “A lot of repos do” is just not enough reason.
Moving away from GitHub now that we just moved forums might also be a pretty major blow to the community.

Also, it’s 2018, who still calls it M$? :wink:


I see this aquisition as being a problem for closed source repositories run by people who don’t trust Microsoft not to snoop and steal their code. Open source projects like CasparCG shouldn’t have much to worry about as everything is public anyway.