Low quality aliasing on 2.3 using HTML

Using a Decklink Duo in PAL SD with CasparCG 2.3 and HTML the output is very pixelated, we’ve got some images with text on and some raw text and they look as if they’re very low resolution.

I’ve set true in the config but this has had no effect. I’ve also set the ClearType to be On in settings.

Are there any other settings I should try before tweaking all the graphics card driver options?

Edit: I did delete this but thought it better if I put the results here for anyone else who has a similar issue.
I “fixed” (it wasn’t a CasparCG issue) this by doing the following:

  1. Enable Clear Type
  2. Set all Windows options to be “Best Performance”
  3. Important: Changed the web encoder by unticking the “Use Square Pixels” checkbox, this made a huge difference

Love CasparCG, really excited for the 2.3 LTS release and what it means for the project.

Were is that setting?