Losing Genlock with CasparCG Server V2.0.7 and Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme

I’m using CasparCG Server V2.0.7 and Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme to produce Fill & Key signals (1080i50).
Generated graphics are pretty complex but everything works fine since 2016… Except that i recently discovered that Decklink signals, sometimes, are NOT locked anymore to the blackburst plugged in ref input.
The workflow to reproduce the trouble is :
.1. Start Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility (it shows ‘Locked’ under ‘Ref Input’)
.2. Start CasparCG server V2.0.7 (ref still locked)
.3. Start my own Playout program (ref still locked)
.4. My Playout load many templates (ref still locked)
.5. My playout play simple scenario (ie several simple templates at the same time) (ref still locked)
.6. My playout play complex scenario (more templates at the same time including init of a movie) (Desktop Video Utility doesn’t show ‘Locked’ anymore)
.7. I close my playout (ie unload all templates and close connection with CasparCG Server) (ref locked again)
Does that means something to any of you ?
Regards, Chris

I never had anything like that. Are you sure, that you loose the genlock and not only the display in the applet?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that i loose the genlock because we discovered that, even with the main mixer and its reclockers, some graphics sometimes moves vertically (few lines).
I’ll try to test with simplified graphics to check if ti changes anything.

What version are your decklink drivers?

Device ‘Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme’ use Driver V10.5.2.0 from Blackmagic Design (24/11/2015)

I recall I used to see lines in my CasparCG log about reference being lost and returning.

I don’t get these any more.

I am now running for my Decklink 4k Extreme without issue.

I just installed V11.5.1 on 1 station… I’ll check if it’s better.
Thanks for the info

For those who may have this kind of trouble : It’s better now.

So, using CasparCG V2.0.7 with Decklink 4K Extreme and Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility V11.5.1 solved the troubles i got with genlock when i was using Blackmagic V10.5.2