Looking for MCR software

Hi everyone !

I’m hosting a WebTV channel, and I would love to use CasparCG Server & Clint as there is all the functions I need but one: automated rundowns.

I’m looking for a way to schedule clips (ads/jingles hosted on the server) and RTMP streams (for lives). I found a lot of softwares but they’re all very expensives, we can’t afford theses kind of software.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Maybe you can try this NRK Sofie – TV Automation Search…

That’s not an MCR type automation at all.

It would be better to look at http://cast.red/http://cast.red/, https://github.com/jaskie/PlayoutAutomation or https://github.com/baltedewit/folderplayout

Hi ! Thanks for your answer, but PlayoutAutomation & FolderPlayout can’t get RTMP streams as input :confused:
And redcast is really limited

I know it’s hard to find a really good playout for free, but maybe someone know another software which can do the job?

Thanks for your help

And when you just play the RTMP streams on a layer behind the output of the playout software? As soon as you want to show that you just play something transparent.

Or there is also the possibility to invoke Caspar AMCP comands from templates made in Flash. These templates could be transparent and just play the RTMP stream and fade away the output of the player software. A lot of tricks are possible that way.