Looking for hardware configuration advice

I currently have a broadcast that consists of Caspar playing out of a Decklink Mini Monitor card. I also use a Windows app I wrote to control Caspar, and uses Bass.dll to play back audio to go along with onscreen cues with millisecond precision, since Caspar doesn’t give me the audio versatility I need. The audio plays through the Decklink HDMI audio output to play alongside the Caspar audio/video output. This is captured through an HDMI capture card and streamed out through OBS. It works great.

The plan is to propagate this broadcast to 4 instances. I’m looking to find a way to do this without buying hardware for 4xHDMI out and 4xHDMI in to cover my audio requirements. Any suggestions?

you could try to channel CasparCG to OBS by NDI

Wow! I don’t know how I’ve never heard of NDI. I googled it. You’ve given me not only the answer I needed, but opened up other possibilities. Thanks!

nice to hear that.

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