Looking for a Solution for Film Festival Video Playout

Hello everyone!

My situation is as follows:

I’m the technical head of a Film Festival in Austria, which is run mostly by volunteers and where we show about 40 short films over 4 days. We used the Newtec Tricaster to play the films in the past, with another PC running VLC as backup. Both go into a Video Switcher via SDI or HDMI and then to the single projector (via SDI). There is also an audio mixer (Allen&Heath QU-16) which we want to keep for on-stage dialogue between films.

We want to change the system, ideally to 2 PCs (one as backup) running Linux or Windows and playout the films through them.

I explored the CasparCG-Ecosystem but couln’t find a client that meets our requirements:

  • Playout video files and at the end of the clip show a still image (e.g. from bmp/png file), then manually start the next film.

  • loop over a set of clips (short ad clips) and after manual descision play rest of the active clip and stop again on a still image.

  • not a strong requirement but it would be awesome if i could use an equalizer and compressor with different parameters per clip

  • no need for anything else like graphic overlays

Did I miss an already existing CasparCG Client that fits my needs or should I get one written by a company?

To rephrase it in different words, I would just need VLC player but with these playlist features added.

Can you tell me what you think our best options are - either with CasparCG, some other open source software or affordable commercial products?

Thank you very much for your input!

As long as things are manually started (not by clock time), you might be able to do this with the CasparCG client (but I’ve never seen actual docs on how it works).
It wouldn’t be difficult for anyone who’s already worked with the server and AMCP to make a specific-purpose client- and much of the work would be in the UI.


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Take a look at RedCast OnTime. We’ve been using it for a while now and I think it might fit your needs.

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do you need to do something to the config for it, I can’t seem to get it to work, with my standard config file, I’m also on 2.2.0

I think with the official client you can do the first and third of your need for the second one only with manual approach.

  • To play an image after clip finished you need to write commands first to play video ex.
    PLAY 1-1 yourvideofile next LOADBG 1-1 yourimagefile auto. When the video finished the image loaded

  • You must write down in which time each film is shown at short ad clips video file. Then play the certain film (you can name each video with time name for easy searching) .

*If I understand correctly you want to control the volume you can do with MIXER commands

AMCP you can find all the commands in this link

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