Loading HTML template in background


I’m using caspar 2.3 on Linux.
On a layer I play video files and sometimes I need to add an html-animation between videos right at that layer.

I always load producers in background a few seconds before planned start.
So I want to do that for html-animation too as it takes about few seconds to load all needed resources for animation.

Let’s assume that channel number is 1 and layer number is 1.
When I execute command CG 1-1 ADD 1 path/to/template 0, current producer in foreground is being destroyed.
So I conclude that “CG ADD” command creates a producer right in the foreground.
Is that correct? If so, is it possible to load an html producer in background, using CG commands?

Adding the animation with immediate “play” call doesn’t suit for me, because it loads for a few seconds and having a black screen for several seconds is unacceptable.
And it would be good to play the html animation on the same layer as videos because of peculiarities of the playback control.

Sure, just use another layer, so CG 1-1 ADD 1 path/to/template 0 becomes CG 1-2 ADD 1 path/to/template 0.

You can use the loadbg, play and call commands for HTML as well.
For eg
Loadbg command will load your HTML template in background and then you can send play command to play your animation.

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