Loading and animating dynamic images in a Flash template



Is that “image1” inside a MovieClip? Then it would read “movieClipInstanceName.image1”.


No it is not, i never comverted it. But i have multiple copies of the frame on the timeline with the same instance name. Dont know if that is a issue?


That are actually different objects. You need to make sure to have an object at frame 0 that is going trough to the end.


Yes, i think you mean like this. Still not working, i can mention that i also get the same issue on the TeamStatistic .ft in the dynamic image guide. Strange, so i thought it could be the way i am parsing the data. But this should be right.


These are the problem, don’t use classical tweens.


Did the trick, thank you!

But why not use classical tweens? One cannot animate with dynamic images?


Because it does not work with an external as class. Everything happens in frame 0 (or 1) and the moment one of these lines in the timeline appears, the object is a new one, that does not have any data. Same is true for dynamic textfields set from code. So never use classical tweens, use motion tweens instead AND start from the first frame, even when the object appears later. Set alpha to 0 or something but it must start from the beginning.


For simple animation (Fade In, Fade Out, Scale, Position) of dynamic images in UILoader I use The Tween Class:


I use Greensock for all scripted animations. It is worth the price.


In my opinion, Greensock is one of the very good alternatives when it comes to animations for html.
Recently, I’ve been producing an HTML temperature template (html template for casparcg) for a news agency, using Greensock, from API data.
I even liked that platform. It is very flexible, more suitable for animations with HTML and CSS, and compose html templates for casparcg, for example: lower dynamic tirds, template-widget and others. Great tool for html template for anyone who does not want to fiddle with flash.

Carlos Branches


By the way: Greensock is also the best animation library for Flash. The good thing is, when you buy it you have access to both technologies. So whenever one is ready to make the move from Flash to HTML this is something that stays the same.


No doubt, I totally agree.
HTML is also a great alternative with its native animations in CSS and javascript. I’m impressed by being lighter and more efficient than Flash. You can do a thousand things in HTML, whatever the purpose. This made me fully convinced that HTML might be the best solution in the future for specific template cases as well as templates clients that are ready and developed around, especially for programmers.

Carlos Branches