LOADBG AUTO - microfreezes on start playing

I stuck in counting as run time for small files playing. Estimated time less than played. The problem occurs when i’m trying to play a lot of short video. I use LOADBG 1-10 “file” AUTO command and i found when the first video ended the second starts playing after a couple freezed frames of the first video. I think because of that i get wrong time for playlis. Freeze time adds and increases when i play a bunch of short videos.
So i checked it with AMB.mp4 LOOP video and found the problem again. When i play AMB with loop it plays smooth, when i play it with LOADBG 1-10 AMB AUTO it freezes in same time point between start and end. This problem same for IP output and SDI (decklink).
Is it a bug? Is there a way how to solve it?
I found this problem with CASPARCG ver 2.0.7 sdi and ip and 2.3.0 ip only

I never noticed something like that. What are the specs of your PC (Processor, RAM, GPU, SSD or HDD etc.)?

x64 Xeon E5-2609v2 / 32G RAM / Quadro K2200 / HDD raid 0 (can’t check drive model)
Can you reproduce this problem?

Yes, I was able to reproduce the problem. With the AMB.mp4 one can see it clearly. I had then the idea, that it could be because Caspar needs time to start uncompressing the MP4 format and tried with another file. I did not see it then, so it could be, that it is only the case on compressed formats. I am not sure, because I do not have time now to test it fully. But would you mind giving it a try with a few different codexes? Like Quicktime animation, DNXHD, ProRes etc.

Hi, were you able to find some format which works good with LOADBG AUTO feature? I noticed in 2.3.2 and some other versions same behavior. Freezing last clip for 1-3 frames. HW has not impact on this. When PLAY triggered manually, it works without freeze frames. Currenlty happens with all MP4 files and even uncompressed one.

Did you find any solution for this? I am trying to develop a playout and I have this same problem, with any type of file. I did all the relevant tests as mentioned above, with different types of codecs and so on, but I always have 3 frames left unplayed. I have tried playing directly from the server, with a PLAY, also with a LOAD, with a LOADBG and also with a LOADBG from an AUTO, and I also have the same problem. Would there be any solution for this? It’s definitely not a hardware problem.