Load File But can not Scroll using scroller

i am working on Ingest Application. everything is working fine. After recording i want play pause scrubbing featuers.i am not sure how to add scrubbing features someone can help me ?

The core tool you can use is the call command on the video producer. The playhead position is one item that can be modified. To illustrate this assume a clip is loaded in channel 1 layer 10. For example using the AMCP load command:

load 1-10 "my_video_clip"

The clip playhead is set at frame 0 of the loaded clip. The playhead position can be changed by several CALL commands. Some examples:

Go to frame 200:

call 1-10 seek 200

Move the playhead forward 10 frames:

call 1-10 seek rel 10

Move the playhead 10 frames backwards:

call 1-10 seek rel -10

I have one slight warning - the above examples only work if the video clip is recorded with an intra frame codec. If the process is attempted on a long-GOP codec such as MPEG-2 or H.264 the seek will not select the wanted frame, it will locate the first intra coded access point after the target frame number.

If the call command has the correct syntax the CasparCG server issues a 201 CALL OK message and the second line of the response is the new playhead position. Thus using the command

call 1-10 seek rel 0

you can find the current playhead position.

There are some more descriptions about the call tool on pages 81 and 82 of my CasparCG document available from github