'LOAD' command 2.0.7 vs 2.3.x

Hello all,

I recently noticed a difference in the behaviour of the LOAD command in version 2.0.7 vs 2.3.x and I am wondering if it has any reason behind it or maybe something changed and I need to use another command now.

In 2.0.7 if you had something playing/paused on a channel and you used “LOAD 1-10 Clip1.mp4” the first frame of Clip1 would appear in the channel inmediately, nothing in between the previous content and the new.

In 2.3.x the LOAD function ‘clears the layer’ before showing the first frame of Clip1, which brings the signal to black for at least 1 frame.

The PLAY command doesn’t behave like this, it does the same in 2.0.7 and 2.3.x

Does this have any reason to be or could we request to bring it back the way it was in 2.0.7?

Any thoughts on a workaround in the meantime?

Thank you!

Hi Sidon, I can’t figure out any use-case where this black frame before the still image would cause an issue as the load time itself is not guaranteed. Did you consider using the LOADBG call in your control?

Hi maav,

The LOADBG command didn’t do exactly what we need.
The load times are not guaranteed but in 2.0.7 it never went to black in between files.

The issue is mostly when the signal is plugged directly into a big screen on a live show, you don’t want the signal to go black ever, unless that’s the effect you want. So the content keeps being loaded, sometimes is a still (first frame) and then you press play to see the whole clip, and sometimes you keep loading items just showing the first frame.

It may be an edge usecase but being that it was possible in an older version its not a wild question I think.

I agree. Would you mind posting an issue at GitHub with the same explanation?

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