Live Data in HTML Template or Adobe Animate

Hi Guys

Am working on an idea, not sure if this works but hope i can find answers at least

built HTML canvas template and made two stops using “this.stop();” the template stops at the needed frame, but when i click stop again to go to the next stop nothing happens. it works with normal fla template but not the HTML, what am i doing wrong here?

Another thing, i have a normal HTML page which i want to see it in CasparCG but it shows loading and thats it without continuing

test stocks.html (881 Bytes)

One more thing, is it possible to get live data in CasparCG from excel without saving the file? because i have a price feed in excel and need to show it in casparCG

hope i can find answers

thank you all

This template works in Sever 2.2 dated 03-11-18

Thank you for the fast reply,

i just downloaded the latest server and the html works, but not the rest of the templates doesnt work at all am getting the following logs

Cannot call on empty _producer

any idea?

thank you

That sounds like the templates code crashed and it got removed.

None of the native templates works as well, now i can only get html pages !

here’s the log

i cant even see any template now

caspar_2018-11-04 - Copy.html (9.7 KB)

scanner.exe running before casparcg.exe?

i figured it out

some files where missing for some reason

now trying to figure out the Stop command


Hello again,

am still trying to figure out this but no luck so far, i hope i can find the answer here

the function stop(); doesnt work in html canvas but “this.stop();” yet, it only stops at the desired frame and doesnt continue when i press stop again, even through that i have the same function at the end of the animation.

any ideas? thank you

The global stop() function refers to Window.stop(), which stops further resource loading (images, fonts, etc). In the context of an Adobe Animate CC HTML5 Canvas template, this.stop() most likely refers to the MovieClip instance on which you have added code to a frame. That means, the MovieClip stops playing at exact that frame. In order to continue or resume you have to call or “exportRoot” is global variable that references your root MovieClip instance.

Shameless plug: If you don’t want to deal with this lower level stuff, have a look at my webcg-adobe-animate-adapter and this example template to see it in action.