Little help with connection to CasparCG (udp)

I have currently built a website that can show live info-blocks, and CasparCG plays them out in HTML-page playout.
Currently, the page is refreshing 5 times a second to keep everything synced, but his is not the best solution as Caspar can get messed up.

I want to send ACMP commands or UDP commands to CasparCG, but this is very new to me. I found a way to send UDP commands with javascript, but casparCG-server doesn’t seem to notice them.
I send the udp packet to on port 6277 and to port 6250, and the UDP message is PLAY 1-10.

I might be totally off track here,… can somebody give a little direction on where to learn further? The system works to wonderful to leave this opportunity to control caspar.

If the end goal is to update data in the HTML template I’d point you to fetch or websockets - both are web standards.

My goal is to reload the HTML page in casparCG on demand by sending a UDP message to CasparCG server… I can already send a UDP message to the localhost on casparCG’s port. But CasparCG doesn’t seem to recognize the message. Maybe I was thinking to simple when I simply send a message like PLAY 1-12 over UDP, does it has to be in a specific protocol, and not simply a UDP message? What UDP message should I send to my localhost to have CasparCG server respond?

Thanks advance

It should be TCP on port 5250 by default.

The comands should be sent as TCP not UDP.

great, thanks guys, for some reason I was convinced caspar worked with udp. (oart of the missing documentation nowadays.) I have a new path to experiment now!

It’s all here