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Is there any way to keep topics from appearing in the Unread listing when that user was the most recent poster? (I posted the most recent message, I don’t need to read it; let me know when someone else posts to the topic.)



On the right you can see circels from all posters of this message (with profile picture) So, as long as yours is the only one…

Yes, but that’s not what I’m asking about- those messages still count as “unread” in the header which appears on the main page. Logically, they’re not “unread” since I read them while posting; I know the content.

Basically, I don’t want to click on the “unread” link unless it includes something that I didn’t actually write. In bad SQL, the logic comes out as something like:
select * from messages as msg where msg.last-reply-date greater-than user.last-message-check-date and last-poster not eq user.username;


Are you talking about the „Latest Messages“? If you post a message, then it is a message latest posted, isn‘t it?

CasparCG Forum is based on a open source forum portal. So we have not controll over these kind of details.