Late scheduled decklink

I have issues when I try to run multiple videos at once. As soon as I load(not play) four videos, the log starts to fill up with the warnings below.

[2019-09-23 18:34:09.489] [5736]  [warning] DeckLink Duo 2 [4-4|1080p5000] late scheduled=276000* decklink=275961
[2019-09-23 18:34:09.503] [8844]  [warning] DeckLink Duo 2 [3-3|1080p5000] late scheduled=284000* decklink=283774

The Idea is ti run five videos at one with the batch feature in the NRK fork. The first four to a LED wall and the fifth to TV production.

When running three videos it can start succesfully but ends up with the warnings end drops frames.
The server runs win 10 1903 with NRK server 2.1.8
Nvidia Geforce 1660
Asus Prime Z390
2x Decklink Duo 2

That looks like a performance problem. I was able to play 6 streams from one server (2.0.7) with a VERY powerful machine. To run more, I started a second (and third) instance of the server. As Caspar (in that old version) is a 32 bit process, that helps to distribute the load to more cores. But I have no idea, how the newest NRK build performs.

Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t work.
After some more investigation I see that one of my cores is hitting the roof. I have 8 cores and hyper threading on that. so 16 cores to use.

That‘s what I mean. A second instance will even out that.

Ok, So I tried two instances of casparcg but that did not resolve any issue. Changed the driver to the studio version and got slightly better result. Continuing on the graphics card track we replaced it with a ATI Radeon something card and where able to play four channels without any issues! However, throwing on a fifth channel the issue starts again, and this time no CPU or GPU are hitting any roofs.

So my conclution is that the late schedule issue is related to the GPU.