Late and dropped frames with Flash Templates

Dear all,

I’m working with CasparCG for a long time now.
I have build my own client in Visual Studio for playing out graphics with data.
I previously did run it with version 2.0.7 and now i’m running in the stable 2.2.0 version.
I’m using Flash templates.

For a few weeks ago i did an reinstall on my graphics machine and updated from windows 7 to windows 10. And since the update i ran into weird problems where i get late- and dropped frames at totally random times. I can start the same template, with the same data, and the same function from my client where sometimes it works perfectly smooth, and sometimes it’s lagging like hell.

I’m using an Intel XEON E5-1620, 32GB of ram, and a SSD for the templates which is running on a smooth 10% (CPU) usage when operating everything. When the spikes happen, it goes to a small pike from 25% usage. This usage comes from the CasparCG server. The client in visual studio is running really stable.

This is the diag from the server, with red circles where the spiking happens.

I’m out of options where to look and would really like to know some options where i can start looking.
I think the problems starts with Flash, which is really unstable. But i don’t know how to check it.

Kind Regards,
Hylke Wolfkamp

Switch your log level to trace and see if you get anything.

I’m unclear on if you think this is a problem after switching from 2.0.7 to 2.2.0 or from Win7 to Win10. Does 2.0.7 do the same?

Have you tried using an older version of Flash - e.g. the one linked on I think the most likely explanation is that Win10 is running a much never version of Flash.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The problem appeared after switching from win7 to win10.
The update from 2.0.7 to 2.2.0 was great! I used 2.2.0 on the win7 machine already.!

I don’t get any errors or weird things in the log code. Except that the adding command, which gives an add time, gives variations between 0.01s and 0.250s. Also in totally random orders, not predictable.

I did reinstall the Flash Player and installed the version on the website.

There changed one thing after reinstalling the flash version. The diag is different. But on screen the results are still lagging.! For the extra information, also the diag is lagging when it happens. Normaly it runs constantly smooth.

Have you checked if this happens when running something other than a flash template?

Hello all,

I have a small update on the issue.
i did read the system requirements from CasparCG a little bit better.

So after that i turned off the transparency in the windows themes and the smooth edges of images en text.
After this it changed a little bit, in the positive direction.

But the issue still remains. I also discovered that, when playing a video, the video also starts dropping frames when playing a flash template. But when only playing video’s, everything is perfectly running smooth.

I tried different flash templates from myself developed at different moments. It happens with all kind of templates. I’m not sure, but it seems that transparency gives trouble. When i fade/mix in a template as well when there is transparancy in pictures in the template.

I hope someone recognizes the issues and can give any tips what to try.

How many cores and how much memory do you have? To me it sounds like a perfomance problem.

I use an Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz, which has 8 cores. And we have 32GB memory.
I used the same pc with Windows 7 and everything was working fine.
The GPU is a Nvidia Quadro K2200

I have exactly the same problems on a laptop which i’m using.
Can’t tell the exact CPU, but it’s using 16GB of ram and uses an Nvidia geforce RTX 2060 gpu.

The problem has been resolved somewhere in the past two weeks after a windows 10 update.
It was a .net framework update, after it, the problems where gone.
This happened at both the pc and laptop where i was working on.

So maybe something happened with .net in combination with the casparcg .net library.