[KickStarter] Broadcast/Stream Playout Automation [GPL]

Disclaimer: I am not related or will benefit, in any way, with is project. I posted it here because I think some of us might be interested in this. I just feel that something like this is much needed.


Hello my name is Marco. Sure you know a few open source programs that allow anyone to start a radio station.

But I come from the TV area and it is very hard to find something professional and easy, which is also open source.

If you have reached this point by reading, then I am pleased. But stay tuned, I’ll explain why a donation makes sense and on what expertise you put, and why the project could be up for streamer.

I’ve been working in the television industry for almost 12 years. I have already seen all areas and searched for many programs for easy playout (scheduling). No one was right until now and if it was, it was very expensive (from CHF 10’000).

I came across the server CasparCG, which is also open source. The server is powerful and offers many useful things. Already 4 years ago I started a playout-client and I still take care of it (RedCast www.cast.red).

RedCast OnTime
Now I would like to launch a platform-independent web-based solution with a complete refresh and then publish it as open source (GPL). Usable for everyone.

Thanks for sticking to it, introductions are always hard, but now we move on to this project:

The project offers everyone (whether private or commercial) a stable 24/7 playout automation which can be used for TV stations but also for streamer who want to start their own TV program. All you need for this is RedRoom (project name).

RedRoom (the project at stake here) is extensible through plug-ins, add-ons and one consists of a good documentation.

RedRoom uses PHP, HTML, JS DOM (if possible no jQuery) and Python. Everything I spoke alongside C #, VB and Kobol.

Exciting thing right? How long will everything last?

After half of the sum has been reached, I start sketching the project. I create the layouts and publish them on via Gitlab. Already then, first reactions can be made and changes can be made.

After the full amount I will do the programming work, which takes about 4-5 months. I will need 1-2 months for documentation and code cleanings afterwards.

After about 6 months, the first beta version will be released. This can be viewed, tested and I’ll wait for the first bugs.

After another 2 months, the first release candidate will be created. It can be tested for another month. Another month later, will be released after that and a documentation ensures that anyone can install this software.

All software, graphical elements and source code will be released from the beginning with the GNU GPL license.

What I offer is the client multilingual to the enchanted CasparCG server.

It’s a lot of work that makes me incredibly happy. Do you have any questions about my project? Write me. I look forward to you all.

This doesn’t seem like a bad idea, and knowing this comes from the guy who’s working in RedCast OnTime, at least I can tell that he knows about making playout clients.

But, in my opinion, I think a Kickstarter is a bit misguided in terms of getting funded for working in an opensource project. OpenCollective or Patreon are better platforms for this endeavors as they compel developers to keep on delivering revisions.

In the other hand, RedCast OnTime has stalled in development for a while, and despite being fairly stable, it’s quite unsettling to see not much progress in features or bugfixes. Also, the project license is intriguing (CC-BY 4.0) as it’s not fit for software development.

Don’t get me wrong, the developer is clearly well intentioned and I applaud his initiative, because the problem he posits is real (not too many playout clients, none opensource), but I think he needs to reach better his userbase and have a talk about features upfront, as well as summon more developers to this initiative.

I’d like to know what’s your take about this. :slight_smile: