Keyboard control



for sport events I need a stopwatch. So I coded one in HTML5.
I would like to give my graphics-operator a Streamdeck, of course for Start/Stop/Update the different templates (Qualification, Semi-Final, Final), and of course for Start/Stop/Reset the stopwatch.

And here I‘m struggling- how to bring in keystrokes into the CasparClient?

The upto 40 textfields for the templates are coming from Excel.
But keystrokes? I‘m lost at the moment :wink:

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But the Streamdeck can send keystrokes, is that not enough? What tool do you use to send the data from Excel?


Salüü Didi,

Merci viu mau für‘s Feedback.

I was just a fool, short before idiot :joy: I was so blind, that I didn‘t think of the INVOKE command. So now I‘ve got the commands on the StreamDeck.

To be honest, at this moment it‘s your AddIn for Excel. But as you know well, my company is working on Mac. So the next days I try to adapt it for Mac, and maybe also Keynote.
One more thing: as we‘re working on Office365, isn‘t shown properly in the latest versions. The buttons are not rendered properly. Will also work on this :wink:

Cheers, Thömu


Before you do anything on the code, wait until tomorrow, I will upload the newest version. I should have done that since a few weeks, but alwsys was in a hurry. The problem with the buttons scaling should be solved…


OK, Merci :+1: Have a great sunday. Greetings from Bülach, Thömu


I needed to startup my computer because of something else and uploaded the changes already now.

Grüess us Gräniche (be Aarau).