Key/Fill from Decklink Duo

Hello everyone,

is it possible to output Key/Fill from an Decklink Duo Card? (not the Duo 2)


Yes, with following configuration in consumer section of config file.
decklink device 2 key ony true

But sync with fill and key may not be there.

Yes, as @vimlesh1975 writes, you the BMD Duo cards have two separate channels, so synchronization cannot be guaranteed between fill on one channel and key on the second channel.

Sync indeed not guaranteed. Giving it ref will keep them in sync better, but not always

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Ok, great. Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

On my machine it is a BM Deckling DUO 2…

Better chance to keep Key & Fill in Sync?

Yes the Duo 2 has hardware keyers. You set them up in the Windows controll panel applet, before they can be used in Caspar.

MMM did and it works. - Asked the initial question for him as a new CCG User :slight_smile: