Keeping original ration of jpg pictures

I have encountered a problem i have not find a solution. It happens a lot that i need to show a series of pictures during an event and sometimes these pictures are not uniform. Meaning small are 16:9 some are 4:3 etc. When i make a list of it in caspar and play the pictures it stretches it on display making it look not how it should. Is there a tool or command that makes the picture to keep their original aspect ratio?

Many Thanks

You can use MIXER FILL commands, but that is tedious, as you need to do it for every image individually. I usually build a template, that loads the image and scale it to fit the screen in the way I want it.

I have a batch file for this

echo off
ffmpeg -i "%~1" -vf "split[original][copy];[copy]scale=ih*16/9:-1,crop=h=iw*9/16,gblur=sigma=100[blurred];[blurred][original]overlay=(main_w-overlay_w)/2:(main_h-overlay_h)/2" -y "%~p1%~n1-blur.png"
if "%~1" == "" goto:eof

drag several images at once onto a batch file, and they will be saved as png with blurred sides. change .png to .mov etc and this will give you blurred sides on videos… it’s a good quick fix for portrait pictures/videos

I tried to use vf to do the same filter in caspar just not but couldn’t get it to work, but there is probably a way to do it

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