Jobs: More Developers Needed for Sofie TV Automation


As you may have heard, we’ve been developing the Sofie TV Automation system for NRK (the Norwegian Public Service broadcaster) for the last year. This open source studio automation system will very soon be doing for 109 live news show per week in 9 locations around Norway, and more installations around Europe is planned.

A year ago we assembled a team with several developers from this CasparCG community, and we are now looking to expand the team further. If you have dev skills (TypeScript, Node.js, Meteor, React, and/or C++) and are looking for a challenge, we are looking for more freelancers that are interested in working remotely, either part-time or fulltime.

If this list makes you salivate, get in touch!

  • Broadcast tech and broadcast workflows
  • Open source development
  • Git and Gitflow workflows
  • Agile development with Scrum
  • Continuous deployment
  • Jest unit testing
  • AWS

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested, and please have a look at the GitHub repo:

I’m happy to answer any questions via forum PM, via email or phone/SMS +46733970000.

/Jonas Hummelstrand


Hello. Are you looking only full time or help from developers working from home with another main job ?
What are your plans concerning the update of casparcg itself ? Will Sofie TV take time to put improvements done for it into Casparcg builds ?


Every improvement to CasparCG are submitted upstream. PRs are open, and we’re targeting the upcoming version 2.3 (currently master) pr. SVTs request to not add new features to 2.2.

To commit upstream is a defined strategy in the Sofie project, sponsored by NRK.

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We are open to suggestions, and open to people working part-time!

How about a bounty list?

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I think silid has a great point there. Since the source is open, a good roadmap and style guides would make it easy to outsource just certain parts or features. Might also be easier to get someone with knowledge or experience in certain aspects to concentrate on just those.

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I see your points about making it easier for outside developers to contribute, but what we are looking for are freelancers that can be part of the development team and get paid for their efforts. While it might work to have a bounty list, and there are several benefits to that, there are also multiple disadvantages such as not being able to properly reward the developer, and not being able to expect fixes from the original dev.

We have discussed the need for a road map and a technical overview wiki for Sofie, and hopefully that is something we will be able to prioritize in the next few months. The other building blocks that the Sofie repos are missing at the moment are boilerplate Blueprints and a dummy show design complete with assets, together with a way to get data into Sofie without an ENPS installation. We are working on all these, and expect to be adding them shortly!