Issue running client (all versions)


I’ve got an issue with running caspar cg client (all versions). When I load it up I almost instantly get a “Runtime Error!” alert “the application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”. I can’t load the app for long enough to get to any settings to change anything.

I’ve downloaded Client 2.2 to see if this helps but I get the same problem.

I’ve got a feeling it’s trying to talk to a server which is no longer there, how do I clear out all settings for CasparCG Client? I can’t find it in the AppData folder.


  1. Caspar Client works fine without server running.
  2. AppData folder is hidden, but you can access it directly entering path in explorer window, ie.: C:\Users\username\AppData (or simply set “show hidden files” to true)
  3. Use third party software to diagnose is there a DLL missing or some access rights problem.


On which OS your running (Win, Mac or Linux)?

  • Yes, client loads without the server running
    I did this, then deleted all servers and then loaded it again and everything is great. Thank you!