Is this even possible with CasparCG

I have a machine that has 4 displays running at 1080P they are all connected to a single Nvidia card that turns it into a single large 7680x1080 screen. I play the custom video to this large display there is a 2nd display on the machine that is just for desktop and running software. is there a way to get CasparCG to work at 7680x1080 and use that screen as a full-screen playout? I don’t wanna have to go through having to buy a decklink card and then SDI to HDMI converters and introducing more latency. is is possible to set caspar to work like this?

I think there was a discussion about custom screen sizes and at least an experimental build that supports that. But to be sure you csn search on Github.

They just released the 2.4.0 stable last week. And write in the release notes:


  • Custom resultions can be specified in casparcg.config

I tested it with 1080x1920 px and a screen consumer and it seems to work!

Have tried with v2.4.0 a custom resolution (video mode-setting) 5568x448.
The only problem is that in the client the “Transform”-effect doesnt work so you have to scale layer with custom command “MIXER 1-10 FILL 1 1 1 1” (see another post)
br markus