Is there any way to loop groups?


Hey guys,

im pretty new to casparcg so please bare with me.

I am currently working on a fixed installation in a lounge at a race track containing a 6x3 Videowall and some Screens around the lounge.
There is a PC with 4 Outputs which should output 2-3 different streams which are then converted and distributed via SDI around the lounge.

I tried a few solutions and got it down to casparcg which is the best fit for me. My only problem is:
If the customer wants to loop only one clip per Output he’s fine. But I would need the ability to loop a playlist with clips (because it will probably be used for background loops of sponsors etc.).
Is there any way with the casparcg controller or a third party controller to achieve this?
I read something about Redcast but it seems to only support one display.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


i think Vimlesh’s Video Playout Client can loop whole Playlist. i tried it long time ago and he was filling it with more features and improvements. you can try it.
otherwise you can render all playlist loop files in one file if your rundown is fixed.