Is there any tutorial how to start programming client program

I have my little mediaplayer program writen in C#. It just uses Windows media player.
I would like to update it to control Caspar GC, but I´m just starting to learn programming and can not find any tutorials how to install client libraries and what libraries to use.

I found CasparCG AmcpClient and but can’t figure out how to set these libraries up so I could start experimenting with the example code.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Basically to control CasparCG you only need a System.Net.Sockets.Socket object in dotNET and open a connection to CasparCG Server with the IP of the PC Caspar runs on (usually, the localhost) and the port 5250. If you established the connection you can start to send AMCP commands to it. These commands are UTF-8 encoded text strings.

I use my own library, written in VB.NET, in all my clients. It is not much more than a wrapper around the System.Net.Sockets.Socket object and does add only a thin object layer.

You find the source on GitHub and a very basic tutorial project here.

Thank you.
The tutorial project can not connect to caspar and it throws exeption
‘System.UriFormatException’ in System.dll

It should not :smiley: I will look at asap.

You can used my lib to connect to caspar.
But it’s a litle complex for beginer.
You can also use the Stillsoft lib more easy to use to begin. You can inspire you by regarding his code on ClientExample :wink:

I began like you 7 years laters and now I’m a professional developer. Keep coding and have fun.

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